In order to be eligible for obtaining an SAP Recognized Expertise designation, you must:

  • Presently meet all the minimum and ongoing SAP PartnerEdge program requirements
  • Meet the qualification criteria for the SAP Recognized Expertise benefit
  • Be in good standing with no pending customer escalations


The SAP Recognized Expertise designation is granted for a specific solution or industry and country. You have to apply for each SAP Recognized Expertise designation you choose and meet the qualification criteria in the respective area.

The SAP Recognized Expertise designation is valid for your organization to use while you achieved and continue to meet the requirements for the country where the designation is granted. Partners will be required to remain in good standing at all times and maintain compliance with the designation criteria in the respective SAP Recognized Expertise obtained. SAP reserves the right to revoke a partner's designation in the event the respective criteria are not maintained, the status as operational SAP partner changes or the partner is no longer in good standing.


SAP does not charge for the application process to obtain a SAP Recognized Expertise designation. Any associated costs your company might incur are related to the time invested in training and to hire or train additional employees and align them to the specific SAP solution or industry.

Catalog & Criteria Settings

SAP reserves the right to redefine, discontinue or create new categories of recognized expertise. When SAP discontinues a recognized expertise category, any granted designations will expire by the second semi-annual requirement check following the discontinuation date (within 6 to 12 months). SAP will remove any appropriate listings on the Partnerfinder.

SAP has the right to change the requirements for any recognized expertise area. Any new published requirements will become effective immediately and will apply to any new recognized expertise request. A recognized expertise designation earned under previous criteria remains valid and the partner will have a grace period to comply with any updated requirements before the next semi-annual requirements check. Should the partner continuously fail to meet up-to-date requirements at the scheduled checks, the company’s designation will expire. In this case, the partner will need to go through the application process again to reinstate the designation and must comply with the current requirements at the time of the new application.

All changes will be reflected on these pages.


The granted recognized expertise designation is initially valid for one year from the date issued. There will be regular requirement checks, and if a company continues to meet the requirements, the designation is automatically renewed. The SAP Recognized Expertise designation expires where a company does not meet the requirements. It will then no longer be able to use the SAP Recognized Expertise designation in any customer-facing material and will no longer be listed on the SAP websites. No further action is required, should the partner not wish to re-apply for the outdated SAP Recognized Expertise designation.

Using the SAP Recognized Expertise Designation

The following examples detail the usage of the SAP Recognized Expertise designation. The area in bold is the copy-text usage of "SAP Recognized Expertise" for an SAP product and industry that can be used in collateral, RFP, or website, etc.

Our company is an SAP channel partner and authorized value-added reseller of SAP Business All-in-One solutions, with SAP Recognized Expertise in SAP CRM and SAP ERP in Italy.
Our company has SAP Recognized Expertise in supply chain management solutions in Belgium.
Our company has SAP Recognized Expertise in the consumer products industry in Spain.