Benefits to Prospective Customers

Find and Work with Trusted SAP Expert Resellers
Partners carrying an SAP Recognized Expertise designation for a specific solution and/ or industry have demonstrated their product knowledge and delivery capabilities in their respective area of expertise. Visit the SAP Partner Directory to find SAP partners with an SAP Recognized Expertise designation matching your business needs.

Simplify Your Tender Process
SAP Recognized Expertise is an important credential that allows you to easily identify qualified partners with a proven SAP product competency and delivery capability.

Benefits to SAP Partners

Stand Out and Differentiate Your Business from the Competition
While SAP sales authorizations are a vital and necessary component of ongoing SAP program participation, the addition of the SAP Recognized Expertise designation lets customers know about your industry and solution focus. It highlights your product competency and delivery capability.

Make It Easier for Prospects to Choose Your Company
The SAP Recognized Expertise designation conveys confidence among your prospective customers in your abilities to deliver an SAP solution that satisfies their business needs. Having gained the SAP Recognized Expertise designation, your company will be listed in the SAP Partner Directory allowing prospective customers to find partners with a SAP Recognized Expertise in a respective industry or solution area.

Market Your Expertise
SAP Recognized Expertise is a text-based designation that your company can use on your website, marketing literature, business cards, and other vehicles and media to help you draw attention to your company's specific set of skills and expertise.