Looking for an SAP Partner with recognized expertise in your industry or in a specific SAP solution?

SAP Recognized Expertise will guide you to finding an SAP Partner with the competencies you need. These certified partners have demonstrated SAP solution and industry expertise. Partners with an SAP Recognized Expertise meet strict requirements that are built on transparency and a stringent certification process by SAP.

Look for the SAP Recognized Expertise Certificate

SAP Partners with an SAP Recognized Expertise will be able to present an SAP Recognized Expertise Certificate to you upon your request.

Find the right SAP Partner now

The SAP Partner Directory provides a fast and easy search experience. You will be able to identify SAP Partners that match your selection criteria for industry and solution experience, geographic location or language. Any combination of criteria that matter to you will be supported. General requirements for these partners are that they have a reputable amount of industry and SAP solution experience, a proven track record of successful customer projects as well as a defined number of SAP-certified consultants.

If you are an SAP Partner that is interested in the SAP Recognized Expertise certification you may learn more about the requirements here and apply on-site.